Edificio Portas do Sol

Architect: Helena Machado

Category: Residential buildings

Installation date: 2018

The Portas do Sol building, located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, stands out as a high-level residential space, filled with high-quality materials.

The Portas do Sol building opens an exclusive residential space where modern design defines the spaces. A project by the architect Helena Machado, its charismatic façade, conceived in grey and white colors, fills with character thanks to the sobriety of the outdoor wall tiles of the thinbig® Norfolk collection. Inside, kitchens and laundry rooms surrender to matt white color in walls decorated with the Whites Montreal collection. The advanced technical features of the Norfolk wall tiles make it the perfect choice to resist severe weather without losing their natural color and texture. Inside, the total white of Whites Montreal fits perfectly into the modern lines of kitchens and laundry rooms, creating a feeling of spaciousness and highlighting the contemporary nature of the project.

Collections included in the project