Find the option that suits you best.

As it is the place where you get active every morning and where you end your hygiene rituals at the end of the day, the basin needs to adapt to you and to everything you need. As the way the basin is placed is essential not only to provide character but also to achieve greater functionality in the bathroom, we present seven different options full of advantages. It will be hard to choose one!


Under countertop basin

In this option, the under countertop basin is perfectly integrated, so that only its interior can be seen. A practical solution that will allow you to use the entire surface of the countertop to keep all your toiletries always at hand.

In countertop basin

Achieve a subtle and elegant integration by keeping only the base of the basin built in and using the countertop to place the bathroom products you usually use. To do this, check all our in countertop basins.

Over countertop basin

In this solution, the basin emerges completely on the worktop in an original combination in which vitreous china steals the limelight. Discover Roca’s over countertop basins.

Semi-recessed basin

As its name suggests, this basin is partially, not totally, recessed. A similar option to the in countertop basin, with the difference that the semi-recessed basin is not fully recessed, but is installed slightly over the worktop, obtaining a more contemporary style.

Vanity basin

As there is strength in numbers, the comprehensive solutions including basin and furniture unit are extremely functional as they increase the storage capacity. Roca offers a wide range of vanity basins.

Wall-hung basin

The classic wall-hung basin is ideal for small bathrooms or options that do not require storage, like guest bathrooms. At Roca we have a wide range of wall-hung basins.

Totem basin

The basins gain presence thanks to a strong design that rests on the floor with confidence, ideal for urban-style spaces filled with sophistication.

Discover Roca’s totem basins.