Discover four models with which to get away from it all in the shower?

When the bathroom becomes your personal refuge, every hygiene ritual is filled with meaning. Water not only flows to cleanse and purify, but it can make you reach new dimensions of well-being. To make the most of the power of water, Roca has designed four multifunction hand-showers, four ways of experimenting with the most versatile water jets to avoid the monotonous routine. Choose a shower set with articulated support as an ideal alternative to the shower-head or a bar with adjustable support to adapt the shower to the height you need: opt for pleasure and comfort, and you will have everything you wished for to forget everything while you shower….


Discover a new expression of well-being by choosing the Plenum hand-shower: its large 140mm diameter will provide you with everything you dreamt of for your underwater moments of relaxation in the shower. Equipped with three functions and an innovative button to exchange them, with Plenum you can choose between two comforting jets that emulate the rain and a third more intense one, with a massage effect. Thanks to its avant-garde vocation, it also allows you to choose between two modern shapes -round or square- and two sophisticated finishes -Chrome and Chrome White-: all designed to let your imagination run wild in bathroom spaces of the most diverse styles.

If Plenum’s design has convinced you but you’re looking for a more compact model, you’ll be delighted to know that the new PlenumGo concentrates the same qualities in a sophisticated 127mm circular shower.


If you are looking for new sensations, the Sensum hand-shower offers up to four functions: massage effect, invigorating bubble, active rain and the exclusive Night Rain relaxing option, where air injection allows water savings of up to 35%. In a circular or square design and with a large diameter of 130mm, Sensum will make you take complete shelter in the shower, customizing moments of pure well-being at your whim.


The simple round shape of the Stella hand-shower offers a smaller diameter of 80 or 100mm. Enjoy more focused water outlets by choosing between three pleasant functions: rain effect, an effective massage to relieve tension or gradual and invigorating jets to achieve maximum comfort

Completely transform your bathing rituals, choose a multifunction hand-shower and experience the ultimate well-being…