You still don’t have an In-Wash® Roca at home?

Roca's smart WC is already a reality in the homes of many people.

You never thought you would shop online nor did you ever expect to depend on a mobile phone to fulfil most of your daily chores. Therefore, you probably think that installing a smart WC like the In-Wash® Roca is not your thing. We have spent years confirming that technology and innovation are here to stay at work, in our home, on our journeys and in our way of relating to other people. This technology that is positively transforming our lifestyle has already been experienced by those people who have installed an In-Wash® Roca, the WC that cleans you with water, in their homes.

In-Wash® Roca

Easy to use, hygienic and simply addictive, In-Wash® Roca is much more than just a WC with a water jet or a WC with a bidet, as it is commonly defined… It is such a pleasant and transforming comprehensive experience of cleanliness and comfort that it has found its place in many homes and is here to stay.

"We had not heard of this type of WCs, but now we have tried it we feel 100% safe, clean and comfortable"

In-Wash® Roca features a presence sensor that blocks the washing and drying functions when the seat is empty. Moreover, its retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use and the water that reaches it is filtered before being used.

In-Wash® Roca

"Intimate hygiene with water provides a sense of well-being that is difficult to match"

With In-Wash® Roca you will be able to choose two types of cleaning -anal and vaginal- and to regulate both the position of the nozzle and the temperature of the water. A cleaning exercise that guarantees maximum respect in an area that is especially sensible for people.

In-Wash® Roca

"It is so easy that you learn how to use it in no time"

The interface of the remote control of In-Wash® Roca is so simple that just by trying it once you perfectly understand how it works. Moreover, the WC also features a side panel that allows you to easily control the basic functions, without having to use the remote control.

In-Wash® Roca

"Thanks to its design, it was very easy to make room for it on our bathroom"

Its soft curves, its minimalistic design and simple geometry turn it into a product that easily adapts to any interior design. Furthermore, the water and power supply may be installed behind the WC so as to eliminate any cables or wires around it.

In-Wash® Roca