Discover Roca’s exclusive WC cover with water jet.

The world changes and so do our needs and even our habits. For those of you who had never thought of achieving a customized hygiene in the WC, Roca has conceived Multiclean®: an innovative seat that brings intimate care to the WC in the simplest way you can imagine.

Multiclean® is a toilet cover with water jet and drying function compatible with most of Roca’s WCs. For its installation, it only requires an electric socket and a conventional water outlet, which makes it the easiest way to enjoy the total well-being of a Smart Toilet.

Customized hygiene

With Multiclean®, the change in paradigm brought by Smart WCs is now within the reach of every family as the traditional seat that covers the bowl will only need to be replaced by this new cover concept with integrated bidet.

Multiclean® by Roca innovates with its dual washing and drying function -anal and perianal- ensuring not only the maximum intimate hygiene but also a fully customized experience: you will be able to choose the position of the nozzle, the water pressure or the temperature of the water and air.

Easy installation

After removing your toilet seat and cover, you just need to install and adjust the new Multiclean® and fit it into the WC with a simple gesture. To start enjoying its functions, simply connect it to the existing water outlet and to an electric socket.

Design and maximum adaptability

Its three design lines -Round, Soft and Square- allow Multiclean® to adapt to a large variety of Roca WCs with different styles, becoming the ideal solution to bring personal hygiene to any bathroom.

Intuitive operation

Multiclean® offers two versions, two ways of regulating its washing and drying functions: Multiclean® Advance controls all functions with a panel on the side of the WC while Multiclean® Premium features a remote control, integrating more functions for greater comfort in the intimate hygiene rituals.

As they are equipped with a pressure-activated sensor, the Multiclean® seats and covers will never start if they do not detect the presence of the user.

Maximum cleanliness

The Multiclean® seats and covers by Roca are highly hygienic due to an antibacterial treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and germs that might build up on their surface.

Moreover, its removable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use.

Safety in the bathroom

Thanks to its soft-closing hinges, with Multiclean® any knocks and noises associated with the use of toilets are eliminated.

Extras in the Premium version

If you want to make an even bigger difference, the Premium version of Multiclean® offers five extra functions to provide the greatest comfort and cleanliness.

With Multiclean® Premium you will be able to choose the temperature of the seat, and save this and other preferences to enjoy them when you use the seat again.

To increase the hygiene of the WC, there is a deodorizing function that absorbs odors inside the bowl by means of an air filtering system.

Finally in the energy section, the power saving mode will be automatically activated if a period of non-use is detected. And in the middle of the night, the night light of the Multiclean® Premium will guide you to the toilet.