Think about your home and choose the shower faucets you need.

In this corner that serves as a refuge for you at the beginning of the day or after a long day, the shower faucets must take over and adapt to your needs and concerns. With customized proposals, the shower faucets reinvent themselves so that you may adjust their height, experiment with different functions or enjoy integral solutions like the hydromassage columns. Regardless of how you are, whether you live alone or with others, you will find exactly what you are looking for…

Shower set: simple yet practical

To enjoy the maximum functionality with the minimum hassle, simply purchase a swivel wall bracket and a hand-shower. If you install the bracket high enough, it will serve as a shower-head and will allow you to have your hands free while you shower.

Discover Roca’s shower sets here.

Shower kit: a more comprehensive alternative

If you prefer to adjust the height of the shower, you need a sliding bar with adjustable bracket. Some models also include a soap dish so you have everything you need within reach.

Shower column: all-in-one

Choose the column and you will have everything you need in one single piece: wall-mounted faucets (thermostatic, twin-lever or single-lever), sliding bar with height-adjustable bracket and shower-head integrated in the ensemble. The ideal solution to enjoy the perfect shower.

Discover Roca’s shower columns here.

Hydromassage column: maximum comfort

To experience the maximum comfort, the thermostatic shower column with hydromassage integrates all components of a conventional column as well as targeted jets that reduce stress and improve circulation. Comfort in its purest state.