Beyond, Roca’s new collection that will allow you to design the bathroom you always dreamt of.

Just as we try to find the best version of ourselves, bathroom spaces are constantly reinventing themselves to provide you with everything you could wish for in a corner that defines you so well. If you are not easily satisfied and always try to be one step ahead, the Beyond collection will help you design a bathroom that is tailored to your dreams, a modern bathroom where the latest innovations will exceed your highest expectations. Close your eyes, imagine and let us guide you…



If you pursue excellence and try to differentiate yourself in every facet of your life, you will be seduced by the exclusive materials you will find in Beyond. Thanks to the innovative Fineceramic® and Surfex®, the bathroom space will feature shapes that were unthinkable until now, pieces that add the greatest strength and durability to their elegant design.


In a collection with an exquisite vocation, it is essential to have a star element that is the centre of attention. The Beyond bath, with soft curves and defined straight lines, not only makes the difference with its exceptional silhouette, but will also provide unique moments of comfort, those you always wished for and seemed unattainable…

Displaying its avant-garde spirit, Beyond breaks new ground and increases the storage possibilities with the largest capacity bathroom cabinet offered by Roca. An unusual length of 1600mm and four drawers in which you can store your toiletries and everything you can think of…

Choose how you want to stand out

To design a modern bathroom tailored to your dreams, Beyond gives you multiple configuration possibilities and you only have to choose which one you want to avoid the monotony of the conventional.

Urban and contemporary in inspiration, the basins feature attractive square, rectangular or round shapes, in different versions: the sophisticated Totem rests on the floor with poise and robustness, the wall-hung basin with semi-pedestal is based on a lighter style and the vanity sinks are integrated with the furniture like a second skin. Manufactured with the innovative Fineceramic® or Surfex® materials, depending on the option you choose, they all include a modern drain with the same finish as the basin, because in Beyond every detail counts.

As if you were in front of a blank canvas, you can continue creating your design bathroom by choosing between a floorstanding or a wall-hung toilet, playing with the possibility of repeating, or not, the same option with the bidet. And to top it all off, the exclusive Beyond bath will invite you to dive in and forget about it all. Being manufactured in Surfex®, it not only offers a high anti-slip property but also great thermal resistance that will allow you to prolong your bathing rituals while maintaining the water temperature for longer.

Bathroom furniture from another dimension

In a collection like Beyond that aspires to excellence, storage solutions must meet the most demanding requirements. Roca’s largest bathroom vanity stands out for its unusual size: its extraordinary length of 1600mm and its large depth of 500mm in a configuration with 4 drawers for two vanity basins, either in countertop or over countertop.

As your imagination knows no boundaries, Beyond offers you even more solutions, so that you can find the one that exactly fits your uniqueness. You can have a bathroom cabinet with a length between 600 and 1400mm, where you can choose the size and capacity and also decide if you only want drawers or the option that combines them with a side door. If you still have more things to store, the column unit with full-length mirror will provide the extra touch of distinction you have been looking for.

The bathroom vanity units of the Beyond collection are available in two finishes filled with personality –Gloss White and City Oak- and the countertops are manufactured in quartz, with a Grey Concrete finish.

With Beyond, the modern bath of your dreams will finally be within your reach. Do you dare to make it happen?