Innovative shapes and materials to wind down.

You do not need anything else… The perfect book, music, or silence and your bath: that freestanding bathtub that enfolds you, unintentionally becoming your most personal refuge. You only have to shape your dreams, designing the ideal bath to suit your needs: discover that everything is possible with exclusive designs in Surfex®, find shelter in the elegance of cast iron or let the lightness of the acrylic bathtubs conquer you… Choose the star of your bathroom and make your special moment come true.

Surfex®, dream silhouettes

To choose Surfex® is to let your imagination run wild by committing to designs and shapes that were unthinkable until now. With an outstanding plasticity, this innovative material surprises with its warm mineral texture, very pleasant to the touch and its marked antislip property, ideal for the bath and shower space.

Discover the features of Surfex® with the Beyond collection, conceived to create the modern bathroom you always dreamt of. With an urban design, its unique 1800×900 mm freestanding bath will seduce those who are not satisfied with the conventional. Let yourself be won over by its sophisticated oval silhouette and the elegant straight lines of its shelf.

Modo invites you to customize your freestanding bath, offering two rectangular models: 2000×800 and 1800×800 mm. Opt for the larger one and make the difference with a shelf and a drawer in the bathtub itself: with Oak City or Dark Mirror finish, they will allow you to have the bath salts or that book that helps you to unwind on hand….

Cast iron, nobleness and elegance

When we take refuge in the warmth of a bath, we are grateful to have noble materials to enfold us. Recovering the classic robustness of cast iron, the bathtubs not only gain in elegance but also in durability.

With the classic Newcast bathtubs you will have everything you need to enjoy an evocative vintage bath. In a single size of 1700×850 mm, the collection allows you to choose a freestanding bath in white colour but also to opt for five other original finishes -Grey, Copper, Black, Navy Blue and Bordeaux- that can be combined with up to three models of legs -Classic, Savanha or Eagle-. Made of cast iron, these classic bathtubs not only stand out for their extraordinary strength, but also for their incredible thermal and acoustic insulation properties, which allow them to maintain the temperature for longer and absorb the sound of water when it comes into contact with their surface.

Acrylic, lighter shapes

Research into more versatile and resistant materials in the bathroom space has led to the exploration of the possibilities of acrylic, which makes it possible to produce lighter and easier to clean baths.

With Georgia, a robust, oval-shaped bath, you can choose between a one-piece, freestanding bath or with an acrylic panel in two possible finishes, White or Pergamon. With an antislip base, these bathtubs are manufactured in a single size of 1850×1000 mm and can incorporate a whirlpool system to make you experience the most pleasant well-being.


Because freestanding baths can become the real protagonists of the bathroom and of your moments of relaxation, choose the collection that suits you best and immerse yourself to leave everything behind.