Balanced lines give shape to a bath with organic design references that recall the tranquility and energizing force of the elements within your interiors.

Home is where we find shelter from the world, where we can lay our own being to rest and relax for a moment. The Ona Collection creates environments precisely for this very moment.

Ona’s range of baths lets you choose between different drop-in dimensions and gives you the possibility to decide on slightly smaller corner-right or corner-left installation. Other collection features include the faucet bench, an integrated overflow and a comfortable bottom length and depth. As masonry work can be avoided with the corner installation, even this process becomes simple.

Inspired by nature, we created an innovative material that combines aesthetics and safety for shower trays and baths. Stonex® is an anti-slip material that features extra slim pieces that flow neatly alongside your flooring, avoiding cracks in aesthetics or hygiene, offering maximum durability and maximum cleanliness while only demanding minimal maintenance.

Faucet bench

Double ended and centered

Wellness in 450mm depth

Perfect Stonex® precision

Integrated overflow

Comfortable 125cm bottom length