As the leading global company in the production of sanitary ceramics, Roca stands out for its excellence and continuous innovation with this natural material. Fineceramic® has allowed us to push the established design boundaries for washbasins by using a material that can be moulded into more slender contours while also creating pieces that are more resistant and lighter than those made from traditional ceramics.

Available in trendy new finishes

White (00)

Matt Black (08)

Coffee (66)

Exclusive designs available in multiple bathroom collections


The Ohtake collection was created by Ruy Ohtake, the late Brazilian architect and designer who drew inspiration from nature, including the sea, the sky, and what he believed to be the purest form of design: the egg.


This highly versatile, modern collection offers a wide range of options in standard, compact and ultra-compact sizes, including very thin Fineceramic® basins.


Minimalist and adaptable to any style, this collection features very thin Fineceramic® and comes three designs: round, soft and square.


This collection is a stylistic proposal where warmth and serenity combine to create a cohesive and unique collection inspired by balance and the distinction of geometric forms.