Roca Corporación Empresarial, S.A. is the parent firm of a group of companies engaged in the design, production and marketing of sanitaryware for the architecture-, building- and interior decorating sectors. The group has production plants in five continents with 79 factories, and directly employs more than 21.000 people throughout the world.

Roca is a world leader in the sanitaryware business, operating in more than 170 markets.

Roca is a wholly Spanish-owned company whose considerable expansion worldwide over the last few years has been based on the acquisition of companies in the sanitaryware sector in different countries throughout the world.

Its efficient management of human, production and financial resources has consolidated Roca as a world leader in the production of sanitaryware and ceramic tiles, affording the company benchmark status for all manner of bathroom interiors.

The Group's sustained growth, through worldwide acquisitions and investment, and the Company's policy of internal promotion, which it has maintained ever since it was first established, provide opportunities for managers aiming for an international professional career.

If you wish to participate in our project, please consult our current job vacancies. You may also send us your CV if you find nothing to suit your training and experience. We'll keep you in mind for future selection processes.

Either way, thank you for your interest in Roca.

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