Ruy Ohtake

Ruy Ohtake is one of the most well-known and respected Brazilian architects in Brazil and in the world. Responsible for designing structures across the country and overseas with mastery and lots of personality. Ohtake’s conceptual ideas can be recognized for their extreme sculptural forms and bold use of color, always creating a sense of surprise.

Graduated in architecture from FAU-SP (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo) in 1960, where he was Vilanova Artigas student, Ruy Ohtake consolidated as a well-known Brazilian and international architecture with an intense, challenging and highly awarded production. He is recognized as organic and lighter architecture, which expresses pleasure in curves and innovation. Signs the Ruy Ohtake by Roca collection, awarded with a RedDot Awards: Best of the Best.



Organic lines and a timeless design. The Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake used elements of nature - wave curves, the ever-changing line of the horizon and the purest form of design, the egg - as an inspiration to create the unique collection of washbasins.