Vincent Gregoire

His philosophy is interdisciplinary, ignoring the rigid boundaries that divide the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, architecture and market research.

Vincent Grégoire studied interior design and architecture and took part in the creation of collections of accessories and fashion parade sets for various firms before forming a partnership with the French decorator Agnès Comar. In 1991 he began to work for the NellyRodi agency, a company devoted to forecasting trends and styles, where he is currently the creative director of the Lifestyle Department. In this capacity he has worked as a product development consultant for a large number of world-renowned firms in various industries: distribution (Auchan, Ikea, H&M, Vuitton), home textiles (Carré Blanc, Zorlu, DMC), household articles (Arc International, Deshoulières), cosmetics (L’Oréal, Pacific Co., Créations Aromatiques, Cosmopolitan Cosmetics), foodstuffs (Danone, Lindt, Häagen-Dazs, Nestlé), trade fairs (Maison & Objet), electronics (LG, Samsung), services (Sofitel, TBWA), and so on. Vincent Grégoire is the editor of NellyRodi’s books on trends in design, décor and style, veritable bibles in the sector. These annual publications offer detailed analyses of consumer habits along with creative and development guidelines for professionals of the “art of living.” His area of work is the planet as a whole. Grégoire is constantly alert to the world that surrounds him, continually searching. He is a passionate lover of contemporary art who, before carrying out his research into the latest trends, decodes and analyses them in all their complexity.