Roca's BIM objects reach 1,000,000 downloads


Roca, pioneer in the development of BIM objects, is the first in the sector to reach this number of downloads on the BIMobject portal

Since it became one of the first manufacturers to publish its product portfolio on BIMobject in 2014, Roca already has more than 1,900 product families and its offering on the platform continues to grow. Recently, Roca has signed a new milestone in its trajectory, surpassing the million downloads barrier. A figure that doubles if the rest of the Roca Group's brands also present on the platform are taken into account.

When BIM technology began to prevail in the construction industry, Roca reacted quickly by making high-quality objects available to the entire community of architects, engineers and designers through the BIMobject platform. In this way, Roca can guarantee proper management of objects by controlling their quality, versions and availability in the different markets. BIMobject's commitment to guaranteeing a single source of truthful information in the digital environment was key for Roca to choose its platform.

Roca is currently developing Marketing Automation methodologies to properly manage the generated data, developments that will allow it to offer a better service to the users of its BIM objects.

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